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F.Certificate - A Mandtory Requr.
Validation Fitness Certificate
Obtaining fitness Certificate
Renewal of F.Certificate
Criteria for F.Certificate
Duplicate Fitness Certificate
Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Certificate  A Mandatory Requirement

Under the provisions of M.V. Act. The registrations of vehicle is treated as valid only if the vehicle have valid certificate of fitness.

How long the Fitness Certificate Valid

  • In case of Private Vehicles the fitness certificates is valid for 15 years and thereafter for every 5 years.
  • In case of Commercial vehicles the fitness certificates is issued for new vehicle for 2 years and subsequently renewed for one year.

Obtaining Fitness Certificate

Q. Where should I approach for fitness of vehicles ?

Ans. For Private vehicles

To local zonal office, the vehicle is inspected by Motor Vehicle Inspector for registration and fitness. The dealers who are delegated the registration powers are also authorised to inspect the vehicles. These vehicles are issued the fitness certificate in registration certificate which is valid for 15 years.

Commercial vehicles

you have to approach

BURARI :: DELHI-110081

REMEMBER : To drive vehicle without fitness certificate is an offence and the vehicle is treated as not registered.

Q. What is the office timings for fitness inspection of the vehicles ?

Ans. For Private vehicles public dealing hours in zonal office  8.30 AM to 12.00 PM.

For Commercial vehicle April to September 07.30 AM to 11.30 AM
At inspection unit Burari October to March 08.30 AM to 12.00 PM

Q. What is the prescribed fee payable for fresh fitness certificate ?

Ans: Commercial vehicles

  1. Heavy Motor Vehicle = Rs. 150 only
  2. Medium Motor Vehicle = Rs. 100 only
  3. Light Motor Vehicle = Rs. 50 only

Private vehicles fitness fee is charged along with registration fee.

Q. Is the private Car / two wheeler owner required fitness certificate ?

Ans. Yes, the private vehicle fitness is granted for 15 years initially at the time of registration and then renewed it's fitness for next 5 years subsequently.

Q. What are the documents required for fitness of new vehicle ?

A. Following documents are required for fitness of new vehicle.

  • Application From 20
  • Sales certification Form 21
  • Valid insurance Certificate
  • LOI from S.T.A. ( for commercial passernger vehicles)
  • Temporary registration if any
  • Road worthy Certificate in form 22 from the manufacturers for roadworthiness and pollution under control
  • Prescribed Fees


Renewal of Fitness Certificate

Q. What are the documents required for renewal fitness of Commercial vehicle ?

Ans. Document required for renewal of COF

  1. Registration certificate
  2. Old C.O.F.
  3. Road tax clearance from account branch
  4. Prescribed Fees
  5. In case of fitness certificate expires Rs.20/- is charged as penalty per day.
Where to approach Inspection Unit Burari, Delhi-110081
When to approach In summer 7.30 AM to 11.30 AM
In Winter 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Q. What are the documents required for renewal fitness of Private vehicle ?


  1. Form 25.
  2. Registration certificate
  3. Road tax clearance proof
  4. Fee of Rs.25/-
Where to approach Registered Vehicle zonal office .
When to approach 8.30 AM to 12.00 PM


Criteria for Fitness Inspection

Q: What are the critiera of deciding the fitness of my commercial vehicle ?

Ans. The vehicle is inspected by Board of Inspectors at inspection unit Burari for the Roadworthiness. The vehicle which complies the following norms are considered to be fit for fitness. The various parameters under the provisions of CMVR-1989 are as under :

S.No Item CMVR Check Type of test
1. Tyres 94,95 Cut, deformation, thread case wear Visual, wheel tester
2. Steering 98 Gear backlash, kingpin, stub axle, steering freplay Manual (check free)
3. Engine 120 Noise level 85 dB, vibration, leakage, missing, Performance. Engine analyser/ engine dynamo meter
4. Suspension   Leafspring, position, clamping, shock absorber , center bolt, bushes, shackle  
5. Horn   Electrical,bulb horn,pressure horn Noise meter for decibel
6. Brake 96, 97 Stopping distance at 30 kmph<13 meters, parking brake, brake oil leakage Brake tester
7. Lamp/Signal   Headlamp, parking, turn signals, top lights, reflectors,stop lights Visual / Lumino scope
8. Embossing of chassis E/G 122 Chassis No.,engine no.,idento plate,manufacturing month and year Visual
9. Speedometer 117, 118 Speedometer functioning (speed governor in the stage carriage) Visual
10. Painting 1 As per act and rule, N.P., N.P.local, stage carriage,school,AITP,  
11. Wiper 119 Wiper fitment/functioning Visual
12. Body 93 Seating, mudguard, emergency gate, window size, Visual
13. Electricals 101 to110 Insulations, switches, starter, accessories, doom light, spark arrester  
14. Finishing   Riveting, welding bonnet, crank case cover etc.  
15. Road test 99 Clutch, transmission, differential axles and performance  
16. Others   As per notification and permit condition  
17. Pollution 115 Pollution level of vehicle Smoke meter, gas analyser


Duplicate Fitness Certificate

The duplicate fitness is issued in case of loss, theft or mutilation. The duplicate fitness is issued after verifying the records of previous fitness.

Q: What are the documents required for duplicate certificate of fitness ?

Ans. Documents for duplicate COF

  1. Application on plain paper with date of issue/expiry of COF
  2. Tax clearance report from from account branch
  3. Police report (N.C.R)
  4. Challan clearance from traffic police
  5. Fees Rs.20/- only
  6. Photocopy of fitness certificate if available


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my vehicle fitness certificate be cancelled if my fitness certificate is valid but the vehicle is not safe & sound?

Ans. Yes it can. You have to maintain your vehicle fit through out the year in safe and sound condition

Q. What happens if my vehicle met with an accident after expiry of fitness?

Ans. You will be held responsible for plying vehicle without registration and Insurance Company will not provide compensation to the victim.

Q. Where should I report for grievance redressed about the fitness of vehicles ?


To Deputy Director
Inspection Unit Burari Delhi - 110 081
Tel: 7232715