Cabinet Ministers

Shri Mahinder Singh Saathi
Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia
Shri Raj Kumar Chauhan
Shri Haroon Yusuf
Shri Ajay Maken


Hon'ble Minister for Health, Urban Development, Land & Building



Date of Birth


Place of Birth

New Delhi

Education Qualifications M.B.B.S. (1972)

Elected as a Member of Legislative Assembly from Geeta Colony Constituency, Delhi in 1993 and nurtured this Constituency for five years.

Re-elected as a Member of Legislative Assembly from the same Constituency in 1998 for second term and became Minister of Health, Urban Development, Environment, Forests & Wild Life, Government of Delhi.

Dr. Walia is a senior member of the Cabinet under the distinguished leadership of Smt. Sheila Dikshit, the Hon 'ble Chief Minister of Delhi. He is now responsible for Health, Urban Development, Land & Building portfolios. He is also Chairman of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board. He has many-unfinished task to complete. He is determined to give Delhiites a qualitatively superior and affordable health care to its citizens.

After assuming the office Dr. Walia visited a number of hospitals under Governrnent of Delhi and identified the shortcomings in different areas. Incinerators for disposal of hospital waste were installed in big hospitals under his able guidance and he also took interest to install hospital equipment and improved the sanitary conditions. While working as Environment Minister for three years, he has tried his best to minimize the pollution, be it vehicular or Yamuna River. It is due to his best endeavour that a visitor in Delhi can freely feel and breath in fresh air. He is a lover of nature and has taken keen interest in afforestation in various segments of National Capital Territory of Delhi -Capital of India. Today Delhi looks more clean andgreen. In addition he has improved the living conditions of poor people living in unauthorized and slum colonies. He is very much worried on health aspect. Diseases like T.B., Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Asthma are such which require immediateattention. He has spearheaded different campaigns to create awareness among the masses and has launched a massive drive to curb them. He has also contributed a lot for elimination of Polio from this country and has determined to make Polio Free Delhi at the earliest. He has an ardent faith in the principle of 'work is worship'. He always intends to learn through experiences and different exposures on the connected subjects.