In case of persons who have been residing in Delhi since 20.09.51, and in case of their children, the procedure of issuance of SC/ST certificate is as follows:-
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Other backward Class Certificate

FAQ on Other Backward Class Certificate 
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  • In accordance with Notification No.F.28(93)/91-92/SCST /P&S/4385-95 dated 20-01-1995 of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, 53 Castes have been notified as Other Backward Castes (OBCs) for the purpose of reservation of 27% vacancies in Civil posts/s under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi (including vacancies in Public Sector Undertaking/Local bodies under Govt. of Delhi) to be filled in by direct recruitment for members of these castes. Click here for Names of the said 64 Castes.
  •  It may be noted that the aforesaid reservation does not apply to persons/sections mentioned in the Schedule drawn on the basis of the schedule attached to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel, P.G. and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) Office Memorandum No.36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT) dated 8th September, 1993 (i.e. persons belonging to the ‘creamy layer’). Click Here for Schedule. 
  • Further, a Commission known as "Commission for Other Backward Classes of the National Capital Territory of Delhi" is constituted in Delhi as a permanent body, to examine and recommend requests for inclusion and complaints of over-inclusion and under-inclusion in the list of Other Backward Classes.
To the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction you reside, during 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. to collect the blank form and 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. to collect the certificate on any working day. Click Here to obtain the contact address of the SDM in whose jurisdiction in your colony lies.
  • Application form completely filled. Birth Certificate or School Certificate.
  •  Two Passport Size Photographs (One should be attested by the Gazetted Officer). Copy of Ration Card as Proof of Residence. 
  • Affidavit showing the caste, income and agricultural land owned by the applicant, if any. 
  • Pay Certificate of the last month, in case of Govt. employees. 
  • Copy of O.B.C. Certificate of father/brother, if any. A letter from the Registered Society of the Caste, if any. 
  • In case of married woman :- 
    • Affidavit from her father showing his income and caste. 
    • Copy of O.B.C. Certificate of the father/brother, if any
In case where the applicant has appended the OBC certificate of his father issued from other State, the authenticity of father’s certificate may be ascertained from issuing authority. A local enquiry is conducted in all cases to verify applicant’s residence/income/caste and whether he/she belongs to the ‘creamy layer’.

The certificate cannot be issued to a person if he is already in possession of such certificate.


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You should be getting a response normally within 21 days.