Domicile Certificate


Domicile Certificate


Q.What is a domicile certificate?

This certificate establishes the place of residence of an individual
Q. Where and for what purpose is it needed?

A number of educational institutions reserve seats depending on the domicile status of the applicant. Similarly, benefits are also available in a number of cases of recruitment giving preference to local candidates. This certificate is needed to avail such benefits. This certificate may also be required by institutions giving loan as a proof of place of residence. Some organisations/institutions have different modalities for e.g. different fee structure for NRIs (Non Resident Indians) and require this certificate for checking purposes.
Q. Where do I have to go and during which hours?

To the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction you reside, during 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on any working day. Click Here to obtain the contact address of the SDM in whose jurisdiction in your colony lies.
Q. Which papers/documents/fees, do I take with me?

1. Proof of continuous residence in Delhi for the last 3 years like Ration Card, Identity Card, School Certificate etc.
2. Application form duly attested by a Class-I officer that he/she knows the applicant for more than 3 years. The above attestation should be done only on the basis of personal knowledge of at least three years by any Under Secretary of Delhi Govt./Govt. of India, any gazetted officer holding Class-I post of Delhi Govt./Govt. of India, any Magistrate or Supdt. of Police. In case attesting officer makes wrong attestation either willfully or due to insufficient information in the application will be liable to criminal proceedings as well as departmental action as deemed fit

Q. What will be the criteria used while deciding my case?

After receiving the complete application, a draft order is sent to the attesting authority for verification. After receiving the positive verification report and after the confirmation of Class I Gezetted post of the attesting authority, Domicile Certificate is issued to the applicant.
Q.What are the relevant Forms?

Click here
for the relevant Forms
Q. When will I get a response?

You should be getting a response normally within 21 days.