Seven Cities Of Delhi


      In  the  1320s  Ghiasuddin Tughlak ,  a  Turk  governor who had his 
strong hold  in  the  western provinces  invaded  Delhi,  and won  it from 
Nasiruddin Mohammed(a Pawar Rajput who had adopted Islam and had 
gained  kinghood by slaining the last Khilji ruler). Tughlak, known  as  a 
headstrong tyrant, created the third city of  Tughlakabad.  He  created a 
fort here (the splendid ruins still remain ) with high battlements and   his 
descendant Mohammad Tughlak went on  to   capture   much  of  India. 
He also raised a city,   Jahanpanah,  which  largely comprised a walled 
enclosure between Qila Rai Pithora and Siri.   This is sometimes called 
the fourth city of Delhi. Tughlakabad, however, continued to be the main 
city.  There  were  eleven  rulers from the  Tughlak dynasty but only the 
first three generations were interested in architecture-raising  mosques, 
caravansarais, madrasas and laying canals.

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