Seven Cities Of Delhi


  The  'Slave'  dynasty  of  Qutubuddin  was  followed by the line of Khilji
rulers .  Among  the six rulers  of  the  Khilji  dynasty, Allauddin Khilji is 
the most well - known -who extended his dominion down southern India 
too, and created the third city of Delhi, Siri.The Saljuqian influences are 
the most remarkable feature in the buildings from this period.This came 
about as craftsmen from the  Saljuqian  dynasty  in  west  Asia  reeling 
under Mongol  invasions  took  refuge in the Delhi court and contributed 
to  its  architecture.  A  large reservoir  called  Hauz Khas  was another 
accomplishment of  city of Siri. A madrasa  (college) was also  created 
here by later rulers. Hauz Khas today is a  complex  of  chic  boutiques 
against   the   ruins   of  an  ancient  fort  while  Siri  is  represented  by
stretches of thick stone walls.

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